BEATCAKES Whitepaper

We want it to be known that our main focus with BEATCAKES is to create a unique ecosystem 


Beatcakes is a DeFi token built on BSC (Binance Smart Chain) Beatcakes Contract is verified and publicly viewable by all users on the Binance Smart Chain Explorer.




Token Address 0x24D112469fd549EBAAa645A7E2ea5582fE2f39Db

Total Supply 1,000,000,000 One Hundred Billion

Token Symbol BEATCAKES

Project Name BEATCAKES

Token Metrics

50% Burnt Why?

This way we can create a scarcity of the tokens with an ever-increasing demand allowing Beatcakes to grow

20% Locked why?

This way we can list on exchanges in the future.

15% Pre-sale on pinksale why?

This way investors that believe in our token can take advantage

9% LP why? 

This way we can create a stable price floor

5% unlocked why?

This way we can launch effectively

We are a Reflection Token and we have 3 basic functions:


TAX 15% Tax

LP 3% of every transaction is converted into liquidity for Pancakeswap.

Moon Marketing Plan 5% of every transaction is allocated to the Marketing wallet in CAKE This allows us to Scale BEATCAKES in real time.

CAKE REWARDS 7% gets distributed among all holders as a thank you.


NFT Lottery

We are currently working on some fun NFT's (Sneakpeaks On Website) but have not set a release date. Holders will have the chance to win bonus rewards!


Diamond Hands Contest and Giveaways

We will hold regular contests and giveaways for our diamond hand holders. 


Note: If We Find 1 Sell In Your Wallet History Your Out Of All Future Contests Forever!


Our vision is to create a completely different kind of meme token! Our long-term roadmap is constantly being Updated.


- BEATCAKES Token Was Born 


- Contests & Giveaways

- Merch Store

- Website Launched

- Token Created 

- Token Verified 

- Pre-Sale On PinkSale

- Launch On PCS 

- Drafting White Paper

- Official Logo Listing

- Real Marketing Push

- Listing on Top Exchanges

- Audit Contract

- 1000 Holders

- Celebrity Influencers

- More to be announced


Our team is composed of early investors, committed to creating a self-sustaining and transparent economy!


We are currently engaging with multiple audit companies to become certified and allow everyone to see the safety in the BEATCAKES contract. We are treating this as a top priority to get this to our community and out into the rest of the crypto world as fast as possible. We

are committed to fulfilling our roadmap, growing the project, and creating something amazing with our token! 


We will

continue to advance, and we thank everyone for helping us Take BEATCAKES TO THE MOON!